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Meet Natasha (2022)

Meet Natasha - Official Poster_V01.png

The short film tells the story of Marco Lombardi (Jarred Harper), a man who decides to hire an actress  named Esther (Ankah Bello) to play his girlfriend "Natasha"  during a last-minute diner with his conservative father, Salvatore Lombardi (Vincent Ticali). Thing go awry when Esther goes off script. 


Ex-traordinary Roommates.jpg

Seamus is a micro-series currently being developed by Antonio Oliveros-Nikols and Antolix Productions. The show tells the story of Seamus, a midwestern aspiring screenwriter who moves to NYC as a last attempt to fulfill his dream of becoming a working screenwriter , but in order to do so as to move in with a couple of roommates whose personal drama  threatens to derail Seamus'  already haphazard plans. Production is slated to begin in Summer 2024. 

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